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Insurance Assistance BCR Asigurari VIG

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About BCR Asigurari App

BCR Asigurari App can be downloaded for free and is addressed to all BCR Asigurari clients and not only.

If you have an accident, save a lot of time by making an electronic claim notification. You will be contacted immediately by BCR Asigurari in order to solve your problem.

If you want to find out more information about BCR Asigurari products or if you need to know everything you need to do in case of accident,then this app is perfect.

This app also gives you access to BCR Asigurari branches, located on the map.

Access to essential information

  • emergency call;
  • roadside assistance;
  • Call Center.

BCR Asigurari App online version

  • The online version of this app is available here.

new! Online purchase Travel Insurance

  • BCR Asigurari App allows you to purchase your travel insurance only with a few clicks on your mobile phone.
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